Rhadoo Fabric72 Sampler


Adrian Niculae – conTRASTs on Rhadoo Fabric72 Sampler

With fabric 72, Rhadoo follows his Romanian compatriot and [a:rpia:r] cohort Petre Inspirescu onto the fabric mix series, with an intoxicating, atmospheric aural excursion. The vast majority of the tracks are unreleased and unheard before this project, representing a new and burgeoning scene in Eastern Europe. Letting the music do the talking as usual, rhadoo has personally selected 4 tracks from the mix to press exclusively to a pair of limited edition vinyl 10”s.
On this first disc, Adrian Niculae’s mechanical ‘conTRASt’ juxtaposes nagging metallic sounds with a rumbling low end, whilst on the reverse Yourayo’s more organic ‘Blueprint’ features warm synths, a melancholic piano refrain and a rounded bassline.