MTF001 Adrian Niculae – Acoustic Ep


MTF001 Adrian Niculae – Acoustic Ep

Adrian Niculae, also known as Priku is one of Bucharest’s finest djs and producers. After releasing for labels like Arpiar and All Inn he has now decided to release and produce independently. Going forward, Motif will feature most of his work, as well as some of his close aquaintances.
Acoustic is the name chosen for Motif 01 and ‘experiment’ is the game. Similar to his last experience with Arpiar, Bonita Mariposa is a dreamy, yet pumping track, filled with shakers and spikes that go along perfectly with the dark piano. Afterhour delight or possibly an intricate starter, it could be either of them. Marker keeps the piano but inserts more rhythm, more percussion, more mystery while micro house is blended with 808 rims and an addictive synth that will surely keep you moving.